Private Lindström Was Not Hard to Find

It was a cousin of mine who found out that one of our grandmother’s brothers, Ivar Eskil Lindstrom, died in World War II where he was a soldier in the Canadian Army. She just googled his name – and there he was!

Private Lindstrom’s young life ended in connection with a military offensive called “Melfa River Crossing” on 24 May 1944. He was born in Stensele in Västerbotten in the north of Sweden the 8th May 1916. He was 11 years old when the family emigrated to Donalda in Canada.

Ivar Eskil enlisted in Edmonton in December 1942 when he was 26 years old. Over 40 per cent of all Canadian males of military age participated in the war. Maybe they were attracted by messages like this:


Ivar Eskil belonged to a Canadian regiment, Westminster Regiment (now the Royal Westminster Regiment). His tomb – a real stone – is in the Cassino War Cemetery which is located approx 140 kilometers south of Rome.

Many lost their lives
The result of the four-month fighting at Monte Cassino was that the British and American divisions could begin their march on Rome, which was captured by the Allies on June 4, while the German troops left the city. Along with Ivar Eskil seventeen of his comrades from Westminster Regiment also lost their lives in connection with the offensive on May 24.(Much has been written about the battle of Monte Cassino. I will write more about that another day.)

Cassino War Cemetery seem to be very well organized. When I found this page I decided I really had to go here, sooner or later.



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