The Melfa River Crossing

Ivar was killed on May the 24th 1944, the same day as ”The Melfa River Crossing”.

On May 11, 1944, the attack on the Gustav Line and the Hitler Line commenced with the Westminsters and the 5th Armoured Division forming the exploitation force, hoping to break into the Liri Valley and the assault on Rome. The advance through the Liri valley included the Westminster’s most famous action, the assault water crossing at the Melfa River.

Found two photos from May 23 and 24 here:


Canadian troops advancing towars Melfa. 23 May, 1944.


Canadian forces advancing from the Gustav Line to the Hitler Line. 24 May, 1944, Liri Valley, Italy.

The Officer Commanding, “A” Company at the Battle of the Melfa River, Major Jack Mahony, was awarded the Victoria Cross for his gallantry and leadership under fire during that action fought in conjunction with the tanks of Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians). (Wikipedia)

May the 24th
The Melfa River was the last major barrier confronting the allied army on their approach to relieve Rome. On May the 24th, ‘A’ Company of the Westminster Regiment (Motor), under the command of Major Mahony, was ordered to establish the initial bridgehead across the river Melfa.Read more here.



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