Searching for Ivar Eskil

The least I was expecting when I started researching my grandmother was to find out that one of her brothers was killed in action in Italy in May 1944 during world war II (WWII).

The reason her brother Ivar Eskil was killed in Italy has to do with the Swedish emigration to Canada – in 1927 my grandmother’s parents and most of her brothers and sisters left the hard times in Lapland for a better life on the Canadian prairie.

Barns and boat built by Ivar’s brothers. Photo: Dough Lindstrom.

Off to Cassino
I have booked a trip to Cassino in Italy, the place where my great uncle is buried. Up till the departure in May 2016 I will try to find out as much as I can about Ivar Eskil and the Canadian troops in Italy, focusing on the Battle of Monte Cassino where Ivar Eskils young life ended.

If you have information to share, you are much welcome.

Djurmo, Sweden, January 2016

Ewa Brobäck


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